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Trinity UV Printing Capabilities

With multiple, wide-web, UV-capable presses in our Rocky Mount, VA plant, Trinity makes the perfect packaging partner for your specialized needs.

Frequently asked questions about Trinity’s UV capabilities

  • What are the environmental advantages of UV printing/curing?

    Environmental advantages include:
    • Curing of UV ink does not produce any byproducts as do other ink systems;
    • UV inks eliminate solvents, which in turn eliminates VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from escaping into the atmosphere; and
    • UV cured materials have been proven safe for recycling.
  • How is UV different from standard coatings, adhesives and inks?

    In the ultraviolet curing process, special chemicals called photoinitiators are added to coatings, adhesives and inks. When those chemicals react with specific wavelengths of ultraviolet light, molecular cross linking occurs. This creates an extremely durable finish, superior adhesion, and a better product.

  • What are the advantages of UV for Trinity’s customers?

    The advantages are numerous as shown below:
    • Trinity can print free radical ink systems as well as "cationic" systems
    • UV ink works well for printing fine line, process and vignettes
    • UV inks provide lightfastness and opacity, excellent rub/abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, exceptional color consistency and superior gloss.
    • UV inks do not change consistency due to evaporation or PH. This allows the ink (thus the print) to maintain consistency throughout the duration of a press run.
    • High solid content in the UV chemistry provides for very little dot gain, thus permitting printing of high screens of 125 – 160 LPI. UV flexo printing has approached the quality standard of gravure printing.
    • UV inks with the correct permanent pigments offer excellent resistance to the rays of the sun, water, moisture, cold and heat.
  • What are some of the end user products for UV printing?

    Semi-rigid and flexible packaging materials. Flexible packages for agricultural products, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, chemicals, toys, hardware, tools, mechanical and electronic components. Industrial bags (for pet food, chemical, cement, etc.) Paperboard Specialty papers (Gift wrapping, wallpaper, cigarette, security)

  • What types of substrates can be printed on Trinity’s Uteco presses?

    Paper, Polyamide, Cellophane (HD or LD), PVDC, Polyethylene (HD or LD), EVOH, Polypropylene, EVA, Polyester, Aluminum, Multi-layer laminates

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